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The world of KAI

creatrice de vetement

KAÌ is a designer clothing brand based in Paris and founded by Sophie Gilardoni which offers hybrid fashion around the idea of cultural blending.


It's a story of unique prints all created and designed by Sophie, which takes you to a bohemian universe, merging tradition and modernity, in the heart of Asia and Africa.


KAÌ is designed for everyone. It is a journey between genders, without borders, between feminine and masculine, to dress our modern tribes.


The collection expresses itself through composite looks, worn by ethnic visuals. A mixed and inclusive wardrobe for some pieces heart of the collection, no age and no gender.  

Models with an irreproachable cut that brings a cool chic look, at the crossroads of formal and informal... A collection of unique pieces or very small series, regularly renewed and expanded over time.

Our prints

All our prints are exclusive, "designed in-house", driven by the spirit of travel without borders, reflections of a desire to dream elsewhere.


Each of our patterns draws its inspiration from the vast field of world cultures. For this first opus, the very characteristic drawings of the Ainu people of northern Japan served as the starting point for our print of the same name. As for our Bamana print, it finds its source in the tradition of West African graphic patterns.


We work in partnership with a French fabric manufacturer based in Burgundy which allows us to test them on different supports while benefiting from its quality and its know-how.

We favor natural materials and are working on new developments in organic cotton.



The story of KAÌ and its funny logo: 

  • KAÌ is the Greek &... it's the link, the "them and us", the "her and him", which connects us to each other. Through its unique assemblies, this link gives a contemporary identity to the KAÌ collections.

  • This funny logo that you see in blue is the Greek letter which bears the pretty name of ligature. Its graphics are so beautiful that we have a lot of projects with it!

  • Finally, KAÌ's typo : we designed it to match its minimalism and its strength, without forgetting its accent that we love.

Kaì: conjunction meaning "and", similar to & in Latin writing, is the most frequent word in ancient Greek texts.

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