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Nos ateliers de vêtement éco responsable

French manufacturing is at the heart of KAÌ's commitment. Our workshops are our partners with whom we collaborate in a relationship of trust and proximity. Together, we choose quality production, respectful of people and the environment.

Our model workshop

Behind the garment and the canvas...

Our pattern maker with gold hands: Jean! 

Our partnership has been ongoing for 20 years. We understand each other in the blink of an eye.

His worthy experience speaks for itself! From couture to the French army and a good number of designers… Jean has seen it all and has solutions for everything.

He gives life to the sketches on the canvas that we try and develop together. He then provides the patterns and gradations, that is to say the different sizes.

Then we study the first prototype which is assembled in his workshop. This is the seminal step of picking the assembly and the finishing. We want them as neat as possible in order to provide you with a quality garment that you can keep for a long time.

vêtement éco responsable
Notre atelier de confection (light).png
Note atelier de confection.png

Our garment workshop

Our workshop is at the gateway of Paris. We proudly engage in maintaining the French textile industry and developing responsible short supply chains.


Together we go hand in hand with the objective of producing the best quality at the right price. Sustainability is our utmost priority. 


This relationship of trust and proximity allows us to manufacture our collections in accordance with our expertise and know-how.

We favor limited series, we regularly renew our models and our prints to offer you capsules, like so many new territories to discover.

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